Walking for health

Exercise and fresh air are two important aspects for their own health. For this reason, many people opt for regular exercise. Often for sports such as jogging, cycling or swimming are selected. Because this can also complete all outstanding after work. But how does it matter with the walking out? Besides, many certainly directly think of a vacation in the mountains, a backpack and a hiking trail that leads through nature. Basically, this idea is not so far-fetched, but there is yet another form of walking – the health hiking. And it is this form can also be well integrated into everyday life.
What is health hiking?

Even the insurance companies have already realized that many people move much too little. This in turn can have a very negative impact on the health of those affected. So had to act. Thus, the health Hiking from many health insurance was recognized in 2013. Here walking with different fitness exercises combined.

The result is a very beautiful sport in which even a lot can be communicated. After all, you do not like to walk so the world alone. The groups are usually from multiple participants and are led by a trained health guide. So is also becoming a competent local contact, if it does come to questions or problems occur.

Where and how is migrated?

The beauty of the Health Walking is the fact that this may be practiced spontaneously after work. The so-called ” after-work walking” then performs the city parks or small forests that are located nearby. But on weekends, the health Hiking have its uses. Then most people simply have more time and also the desire to move a little more. While hiking course may not be missing the breaks.

These are spent like once on a beautiful meadow or at an interesting vantage point. Here can be a little spoken or nature to be enjoyed. But special stretching and breathing exercises should be on the program. All these aspects make the health Hiking only from really.